"Of all forms of art, sculpture is the one that can be understood by everyone"
Jules Desbois

Jules Desbois (1851-1935), a friend and colleague of Rodin, was one of the greatest sculptors of his time.

Decorative art, sculptures produced in more than one copy (sculptures d'édition) and monumental groups celebrate the human body, combining the sensuality of modelling with a perfect representation of movement.
Sculpture is very often a forgotten and undervalued art. And yet behind these three dimensional works of art, full of strength and richness beyond comparison, we can find a real technique and subtlety of creation.
His birthplace, Parçay Les Pins, wanted to pay a tribute to its artist: the museum both shows and explains the many characteristics of Desbois' work, through a refined collection.

In a renovated building situated opposite the house in which he was born, you can discover or rediscover over a hundred of his works of art, presented in seven rooms.
The museum was opened in 2001 in an old house and its outbuildings, typical of the sort of architecture found in the north of the Saumur region (architect Maxime Ketoff Paris). The new municipal museum carries on from the museum set up by the Friends of Jules Desbois Association, who helped rediscover this sculptor.